Udaariyaan Serial Written Update November 5: Will Tejo Accept Remarriage?

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In today's episode of Udaariyaan, Jasmine celebrates her win over Tejo in the Khushbeer house when Khushbeer and family go out. Khushbeer and Gurpreet return and are shocked to see Jasmine having a party with her friends. 

On the other hand, Fathe meets Angad and shares his grief saying he is not happy though he got what he wanted. Khushbeer takes a promise from Tejo saying she should get married first before Fathe and Jasmine's marriage or else he will not accept Fathe and Jasmine's marriage.

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Tejo gets calls from the academy saying a student has been injured and rushes to the academy. Angad meets Tejo at the academy. Angad wishes him luck for her work. Fathe lashes out at Jasmine when she tries to explain to him and asks how many times she will lie. Jasmine cries and requests Fathe to forgive him. Khushbeer and Gurpreet feel that Fathe has changed his mind and will leave the court, but Jasmine brings Fathe. Later Fathe accepts for divorce. Fathe and Tejo sign the divorce papers. Jasmine warns Tejo to stay away from Fathe. Tejo tells Jasmine that she faces consequences for her lies, making a fool of Fathe.  

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