Udaariyaan Serial Written Update November 3: Fathe Questions Jasmine About Passport

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In today's episode of Udaariyaan, Tejo reveals the truth to Fathe about Jasmine's passport plan to regain Fathe's love. Tejo asks Jasmine why did she help Jass. Meanwhile, Fathe questions Jasmine on helping Jass. He asks her to tell the truth and not lie like he did on Karva Chauth. Jasmine gets shocked by Fathe's question and tries to deviate the topic.

Tejo requests Jass to leave her so that she can save her family, but Fathe refuses to do so. Angad sees Tejo run around for help as her dress catches fire and he saves Tejo. Jass throws fire stick on Angad and Tejo, but Fathe saves them. Fathe gets into a fight with Jass, who runs away. Khushbeer and Fathe think about how Jass got bail from jail. Jasmine asks Fathe if he is upset with her while Fathe asks if she did anything wrong that upset him. Jasmine again argues with Fathe about their marriage.

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Fathe lashes out at Jasmine and asks him to think about Tejo and she is sacrificing everything to get them together. Angad calls Tejo to enquire about her health. Gurpreet shares her grief with Tejo saying Jasmine is not right for Fathe and requests her to tell the truth about Jasmine to Fathe. Tejo finds passports are missing and believes that Jasmine is behind it. 

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