Udaariyaan Serial Written Update November 25: Fathe's Shocking Surprise for Jasmine

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In today's episode of Udaariyaan, Fathe tries to cool Jasmine down and says that he has a big surprise for her that will make her happy. Later, Simran tells Tejo that Fathe is nothing without her. Khushbeer calls Pandit, where Fathe tells Khushbeer that he doesn't want any mess from his mistake and tells him it's a big day for Tejo and Angad. Angad makes Tejo smile, and Tejo thanks him. Meanwhile, Fathe congratulates Angad and Tejo. Angad asks Khushbeer to do rituals from his side as a father, which Khushbeer accepts on one condition that he should always keep Tejo happy. 

Fathe goes out to plan some surprises for Jasmine. Jasmine and her friends search for Fathe, and Jasmine gets tense. Angad and Tejo get engaged, and Angad asks her if she is sure about the fake engagement. Khushbeer hopes that Fathe comes and stops Tejo's engagement with Angad.

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