Udaariyaan Serial Written Update November 22: Jasmine Creates A Mess

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In today's episode of Udaariyaan, Jasmine is excited about her marriage to Fathe. Jasmine arranges Haldi function at Khushbeer's house. But Khushbeer and family skip the Haldi ceremony and go to Tejo's party. Jasmine creates a mess after Khushbeer and family members leave, Fathe tries to coll her. Later, Angad meets Fathe and Jasmine and take them to Tejo's house for the party.

In yesterday's episode, Tejo and her family visit Khushbeer's house. Fathe fears Angad telling the truth to Tejo about surprise and Angad feels the same. Angad meets Fathe and they get clarity that they don't remember anything. Khushbeer asks Angad and Tejo to select their engagement ring. Meanwhile, Jasmine gets jealous over Tejo and Agand's closeness. Khushbeer and Rupi's family feels happy by seeing Angad and Tejo bonding. Later Jasmine overhears Tejo and Angad's conversation about their fake engagement. Jasmine rushes to Fathe, to tell the truth, but she hears her mother's conversation with Fathe and stops by thinking selfish of her wedding. Tejo's mother requests Fathe and Jasmine to stay away from Tejo's life. Fathe feels hurt by seeing Angad and Tejo dance.  

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