Udaariyaan Serial Written Update November 19: Angad Hides His Past From Tejo

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In today's episode of Udaariyaan, Jasmine asks Fathe whether he still has feelings for Tejo. Fathe makes it clear that he can't hate Tejo to prove his love for Jasmine. Jasmine tells Fathe that she hates Tejo and that she spoiled her life by marrying him. Later, Fathe apologises to Jasmine for being rude to her. The next day Tejo meets Fathe and Jasmine at the academy and Jasmine pretends to be nice to Tejo, but Tejo gives it back to Jasmine. She tells her that she is going to Angad's house for lunch and asks Fathe not to disturb her.

Later, Tejo and Angad spend some quality time together. Angad asks Tejo if she has feels for Fathe, but Tejo denies it saying she doesn't feel anything for him as Fathe cheated on her. Meanwhile, Tejo sees Angad's photo with his wife and daughter. Tejo asks about it, but he refuses to reveal his past. Jasmine books a wedding planner and shows Khushbeer's house for decoration. However, Fathe refuses to give the contract saying it's too expensive. Khushbeer overhears the conversation and tells the wedding planner that he will pay the bills and asks them to decorate as planned as it is Tejo's engagement. 

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