Udaariyaan Serial Written Update November 18: Fathe Expresses His Feelings To Tejo

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In today's episode of Undaariyaan, Fathe meets Angad and gets into a fight as he thinks that Tejo is crying because of Angad. Angad tells Fathe that he did not hurt Tejo and people close to him have hurt Tejo. 

Later, Tejo visits Angad and gets to sees that he has been thrashed up by somebody. Tejo asks Angad as to who did it, but Angad refuses to answer her. Tejo asks Angad's secretary who was there before her. Rajith takes Fathe's name. Tejo thinks Fathe and Angad may have fought for her. Tejo goes to the academy and lashes out at Fathe as to why did he hit Angad and tells asks him to to stay away from her life. Fathe expresses his feeling about her relationship and decision to marry Angad. 

 Fathe lashes out at Jasmine as he gets to know that she has hurt Tejo. Fathe tells warns Jasmine to stay away from Tejo, if she does so she will face the consequences. Jasmine tells if she hurt Tejo again what he will do where Fathe tells that she will is his hate. Rupi invites Angad for breakfast. Angad tells Tejo that he is alone, his parents passed away. Jasmine asks Fathe if he really wants to marry her. 

In Yesterday's Episode...
Jasmine humiliates Tejo in front of Angad about her marriage and past. Angad gives back to Jasmine and tells her that he knows the reason why Tejo married Fathe. Later, Angad cheers up Tejo and Fathe is hurt on seeing her close to Angad. Angad drops Tejo home and they both share a talk about her past. Gurpreet and Khushbeer feel sad that Tejo will no more belong to Fathe. Khushbeer tells Gurpreet that Tejo loves Fathe and that is why she agreed to marry Angad while adding that even Fathe has feelings for Tejo.

Simran tells Fathe that Angad will keep Tejo happy. The next morning, Jasmine visits Rupi's house and lashes out at Tejo. Jasmine provokes Tejo asking her to stop acting and saying that she loves Angad. Tejo makes it clear to Jasmine that she has no interest in her and Fathe's life. Tejo breaks into tears while Angad comes to pick her up. Meanwhile, Fathe sees Tejo in tears while she is getting down from Angad's car. Fathe misunderstands that Angad did something wrong which has made Tejo cry.

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