Udaariyaan Serial Written Update November 15: Fathe Can't handle Agnad Closeness with Tejo

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In today's episode of Udaariyaan, Fathe congratulates Angad and tells him that he has hurt Tejo a lot where is happy Tejo selected him that he can keep Tejo happy. Angad moves close to Tejo. Tejo asks Angad if he gets much involved in the character. Anyway, Fathe can't take Agnad closeness with Tejo.

Khushbeer and Rupi visit Angad's house to talk about Tejo and his marriage. Rupi and Khushbeer request Angad to marry Tejo. Angad recalls Tejo's plan about her marriage with him. Angad lashes out at Tejo for helping Fathe and Jasmine. Later Angad accepts Tejo's plan to act like he loves Tejo. Anyway coming to the present Angad accepts Khushbeer and Rupi's request to marry Tejo. Gurpreet overthinks Tejo and Angad's marriage.

Rupi tells the family good news that Angad has accepted to marry Tejo. Khushbeer tells the family that Angad accepts marriage. Jasmine and Fathe overhear that Tejo and Angad are getting engaged. Tejo get shock by lisening to Khushbeer. Nimo clears to Jasmine that Tejo and Angad are getting engaged in the same venue and tells them they are taking part in their marriage also. Simran tells the condition of Tejo. Jasmine gets jealous of Tejo. Later Fathe congratulates Angad. 

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