Udaariyaan Serial Written Update November 12: Tejo's Condition to Marry Angad

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In today's episode of Udaariyaan, as Jasmine gets to know her friends are not attending her marriage, she tells Fathe that no one is attending their marriage because Khushbeer and Rupi are unhappy with it. Tejo overhears Fathe and Jasmine's conversation and decides to convince Khushbeer and Rupi. Later, Tejo accepts her second marriage to Angad but on one condition that Khushbeer, Rupi, and other family members should attend Fathe and Jasmine's marriage.  

Khushbeer and Rupi ask Tejo to marry Angad, but Tejo gets furious and asks Khushbeer how they can think about it and refuses their request to marry Angad. Fathe closes his laptop as soon as Jasmine enters the room about which Jasmine questions him. But he diverts her. On the other hand, Khushbeer and Rupi say that Angad loves her that they can see it but Tejo wouldn't listen to them. Jasmine sends Fathe to Rupi's house to bring her things. Tejo asks Angad whether he met her father and Khushbeer and he replies in the negative.

Tejo helps Fathe with collecting Jasmine's things. Tejo remembers her moments with Jasmine. Fathe says sorry to Tejo. Sweety tells Jasmine that she and her other friends will not take part in her marriage. Sweety tells Jasmine that her parents are afraid that she may get influenced by Jasmine. Fathe shares his grief with Tejo that he is not happy because their parents are attending his marriage. 

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