Udaariyaan Serial Written Update November 10: Tejo Accepts Marriage With Angad

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In today's episode of Udaariyaan, Khushbeer lashes out at Fathe and Jasmine and says that he won't accept their marriage until Tejo gets married to someone else. Later, Tejo visits Khushbeer's house and requests Simran, Gurpreet, and other family members to take part in Jasmine and Fathe's marriage. On the other hand, Khushbeer and Rupi gather information about Angad's family background for marriage. Later Khushbeer and Rupi decide to talk to Tejo about her marriage to Angad.

Fathe asks Tejo to rest as she is unwell. Jasmine arrives at the academy and sees Tejo and Fathe having conversations and interrupt them. Fathe gets jealous when Tejo tells Angad will help her. Meanwhile, Fathe tells Gurpreet and family members that he is calling the pandit about his wedding to Jasmine. He tries to convince the family members about marriage, but they refuse to listen. Jasmine tries to cheer up Fathe when family members refuse to accept their marriage.

Tejo injures Angad in the dark with a bat. Angad drops Tejo at the house. Rupi sees Angad and Tejo and feels that Angad is the perfect person to keep Tejo happy. Meanwhile, the pandit tells Jasmine and Fathe that after ten days they can get married. Rupi visits Khushbeer's house and tells him that Angad is the perfect person for Tejo. Khushbeer feels happy and agrees for the Angad and Tejo's remarriage

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