Udaariyaan Serial Written Update December 27: Fathe Warns Jasmine

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In today’s episode of Udaariyaan, Angad and Fathe get into a fight. Angad warns Fathe to stay away from Tejo. The next day morning, Tejo and Angad go out on business work during which Jasmine follows them. Jasmine asks Riya’s Nani to go to Angad’s house and get Riya. She plans in such a way that Tejo and Angad reach the house late. Jasmine tries to puncture Angad’s car, but Fathe follows her and stops her. Later Fathe warns Jasmine to stay away from Tejo but she refuses to listen. Fathe tells Jasmine that if she wants to hurt Tejo then she should first face him.

In yesterday’s episode, Fathe follows Jasmine to know what she is up to. Fathe inquires about Jasmine and gets to know she came to Rampur recently. Fathe thinks that Jasmine has reached Rampur by following Tejo and he decides to not leave the city so that Jasmine can’t hurt Tejo. Meanwhile, Angad decides to turn his fake engagement into a real relationship with Tejo so that she can’t go back to Fathe. Angad calls Khushbeer and tells them to prepare for his and Tejo’s marriage and he will convince Tejo at any cost. Jasmine sends Tejo photos of Angad. Fathe observes Jasmine and her work to get money. Angad learns that Fathe did not leave the city and gets into a fight. 

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