Udaariyaan Serial Written Update December 26: Angad And Fathe Fight

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In today's episode of Udaariyaan, Fathe follows Jasmine to learn what she is up to. Fathe fears that Jasmine is planning to ruin Tejo's happiness again. Fathe overhears her conversation with some stranger at the bar. He tries to know Jasmine's evil plan. Meanwhile, Tejo receives photos of Angad from Jasmine where she questions him about it. Later Angad worries that Fathe did that to get Tejo back. Angad and Fathe get into a fight where Fathe tells him that Jasmine did it to hurt Tejo.

In yesterday's episode, Tejo decodes to leave the town where Angad breaks down in fear that he may lose Tejo. Sharma asks Angad why he is tense and asks he is happy with Tejo. Angad tells Sharma that Tejo is the best thing that happened for him and he can be happy for his life if Tejo will be with him. Sharma suggests Angad to express his feeling for Tejo. Meanwhile, Jasmine enters the pub by dressing like a stranger and acts like she is high where Angad couldn't recognize her and helps her. Jasmine takes advantage of it and clicks pictures. On the other hand, when Fathe is about to leave the town, he finds Jasmine conversing with a stranger. Fathe sees Jasmine giving money to someone and follows her. 

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