Udaariyaan Serial Written Update December 10: Jasmine Plots Against Fathe

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In today's episode of Udaariyaan, Jasmine comes up with an evil plan to take revenge against Fateh and Tejo. She prepares some photos to execute her plan. Later, Tejo questions Angad about Riya's problem. But Angad refuses to tell her. Tejo tells Angad that she will leave the house and there is no use in being together when Angad is not sharing his problem with her. Tejo packs her bags and leaves the house. But Angad goes after Tejo to convince her. Meanwhile, Fathe gets a job and shelter.

Fathe imagines Tejo encouraging him and finally he hands over the bag. Angad takes Tejo out on business work. Gurpreet and Khushbeer tell Rupi that they should start planning for Angad and Tejo's marriage. Tejo reminds her and Fathe of memories. Meanwhile, Riya breaks the utensils and behaves stubbornly towards Angad. Tejo convinces Riya and asks why she is being rude. Riya shares her grief with Tejo about Angad. Later, Tejo lashes out at Angad for not showing love towards Riya. Tejo is stunned on seeing Riya's actions. On the other hand, Fathe saves a family from thieves and petrol pump owner offers him a job.

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