Top 10 Highly Recommended Korean Dramas From 2020 You Must Watch

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Hey! If you are new to Korean Dramas and spoilt for choice, Don’t worry. We will help you. Here are the highly recommended K-Dramas to entertain you.

Korean Dramas are popularly known as K-Dramas. The series are popular worldwide and have been adopted throughout the world. People love them for their fashion, style and culture. Many K-Dramas are centred around family and romance. The male protagonists in the K-Dramas are handsome, intelligent and sexy. Lee Min Ho, Lee Joon Gi, Park Bo Gum and others have become heartthrobs, thanks to their appearance in K dramas.

Here you go.. Our list of highly recommended K Dramas 2020

Crash Landing On You:

Son Ye-jin and Hyun Bin are fantastic veteran actors and it is proved. Both characters exude charm, warmth and depth and their humour comes across effortlessly. You will absolutely fall in love with them and the supporting characters (Hyun Bins men and the NK village women) are a joy to watch.

This series is obviously the collaborative effort of many creative, practical, hardworking people.  It is a visually enchanting romantic,comedy, action and modern-fairytale series. Fantastic drama so far, not a single boring moment

It’s Okay Not To Be Okay

Each episode has a theme based on a fairy tale. This series had Spectacular cinematography, storytelling, directing, OST and acting. The Visuals of this drama are such that you would be happy even just watching it on mute and still enjoy it. One of the users says episode 11 had made him to night re-living all the scenes. You have to watch and know what is in episode 11.

Itaewon class

This Itaewon Class is a must watch K-Drama. One of the fans says if you want to know and  about Business Strategy or on how to run a business, you must watch this Itaewon Class. It's not a usual Korean story-line with the cliche romance and all. It is more about an inspiring journey of Park Saeroyi from his childhood to achieving his dream.

Hospital Playlist

Best kdrama.Friendship, family, work ethics, humour, music, love for food, romance, life lessons etc which gives totally a slice of life, feel good, heart-warming experience one can never forget.

What makes this different from other kdramas is it doesnt contain any over dramatic scenarios and plot twists, clingy characters, cheesy lovelines or fantasy worlds.

World Of The Married

This drama has undoubtedly some of the best acting you will see in a Korean Drama. Each episode is filled with the perfect amount of suspense and intrigue to keep you wondering what happens next.

The facial expressions and how the characters behave around each other is something to pay attention to because it enhances the show.

The King: Eternal Monarch

This drama feels refreshing and unique to other cliche korean drama. The theories of parallel universe, monarchy and a love story, were all beautifully woven together. It is a Science fictional love story and the storyline was not bored.

The Flower Of Evil

You will find plenty of cliffhangers and nailbitting scenes. Flower of evil is unique concept, it will make you curious to watch every episode without forwarding the scences Interesting and unique plot, lots of suspense!! .Every episode was worth watching. Not a single boring scene.

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