Tonight on Bigg Boss Telugu: Shannu-Sweta Varma Ugly Spat 

 - Sakshi Post

After the nomination process was completed yesterday, the atmosphere in the Bigg Boss Telugu season 5 house turned tensed with continuous arguments between contestants. The nominated contestants of this week are Maanas, Sunny, Siri, Shannu, Ravi, Lobo, Priyanka, Vishwa, Sreerama Chandra and Swetha. 

In yesterday's episode, while nominating Shannu, Sweta stated that Shannu did not play his captaincy task well. She said that Shanmukh wanted to provoke the other contestants, which was not good. 

It seems like their argument has continued into Tuesday's episode too, as per the promo released by the show makers. Sweta is seen screaming that people should not intentionally bring out the ugliest side of a contestant's character. Here she is pointing out Shannu's behaviour. Have a look at the promo:

Talking about Shannu, he made some sensational comments about the contestants in the Bigg Boss Telugu house. Shannu said that he could even understand Einstein's theory "E=mc2", but he is unable to comprehend what Sweta was intending to say. After watching the promo, the viewers are gearing up to watch that an ugly spat between Sweta and Shannu. Let's watch today's episode to find out what exactly happened between them. 

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