These Two Contestants May Go to Secret Room, Say BBK viewers

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Actor Divya Uruduga is getting lots of love from BBK viewers. She enjoys a fan following from day one she entered the Bigg Boss house. Divya Uruduga has gained popularity since the Jodi task with Aravind KP. We can say that Colors Kannada is grabbing the attention of the viewers, thanks to the chemistry between the contestants-- Aravind KP and Divya. On the other hand, Prashanth Sambargi also has a good fan base for his straightforwardness and counter attack on other contestants.
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But Prashanth S and Divya U always jump into fights for one reason or the other. And Prashanth Sambargi never spares an opportunity to lash out. During one of the tasks, Prashanth S mentioned Divya U as a girlfriend but did not clarify whose girlfriend she was. From then on, the silence and counter-attacks between Divya Uruduga and Prashanth begun.

If the buzz is to be believed netizens are saying that Divya U and Prashanth S may go to the secret room. Although there's no confirmation on this, the real news will be known in tonight's episode. Some say that instead of Divya U they should send Divya S and Prashanth S as they both are on this week's nomination list and the show will be much more interesting.

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