Star Maa May Send Siri Home After Family Reunion

 - Sakshi Post

Tonight's Bigg Boss Telugu season 5 family round will be more interesting than ever before. Do you want to know why? Then check this out. Siri's mother enters the Bigg Boss Telugu house tonight and gives a review of the contestants' performances. Meanwhile, she gives a shocking statement to Siri that she does not like her hugs and kisses with Shannu. Siri's mother tells her as soon as she enters the house that Shannu has changed his face and he has become dull. Anyway, netizens say that Siri's mother gave a genuine review, and they are impressed with Siri's mother's review.

The audience says that Siri should accept her mistake and stop having a romance with Shannu to save herself from elimination. The sources say that Siri's mother asked star Maa to send her home as her image was getting spoiled after the hugging episode. Anyway, there is bad talk outside the house about Siri's romance with Shannu. A few say that Siri itself is interested in running chemistry with Shannu. In the Bigg Boss house, this kind of romance and chemistry are common, but family members complain about it for the first time in the Telugu Bigg Boss show.

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