Star Maa Follows Colors Kannada, Makes Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Most Boring

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Bigg Boss Telugu 5 is underway. This is the final episode and Siri was among the first 5 finalists to get evicted from the house a few minutes ago. That leaves the house with four contestants--Sunny, Shannu, Maanas and Sreerama Chandra. 

As per the buzz VJ Sunny will be the winner and Shannu and SRC the second and third runners up respectively. 

Meanwhile, Bigg Boss Telugu 5 grand finale has seen a cluster of cine stars making their appearance to promote their work. First, it was Brahmastra team, then Pushpa team and then the Hot Star show Parampara team. 

Even though the viewers are happy to see so many stars in one day, they are getting mighty bored with the promotions so much so that are slamming Star Maa for doing over promotions. 

It appears that Star Maa is following Colors Kannada this season. Remember a lot of tasks assigned to the contestants this season were similar to the ones that were given in Bigg Boss Kannada 8. Now, in the grand finale, Sudeep top bored the audience by allowing the entry of too many TV actors who came to promote their shows which bored viewers no end. Same thing seems to be happening with Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Viewers too. 

Even though they have a fair idea on who will clinch the title this season, they won't believe till they hear it from the horse's mouth--in this case Nagarjuna has to declare the name of the winner. 

What do you think, folks? Let us know your views.

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