Sreeram Chandra Most Provoking Contestant in Bigg Boss Telugu 5, Say Viewers

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Bigg Boss Telugu viewers have branded Sreerama Chandra as the most provoking contestant of season 5 after watching yesterday's episode. Are you curious to know why? Then, this article is for you. 

During the final captaincy task, Maanas, Sunny, Shannu, Siri, Anee Master, and Sreeram Chandra were playing the task in which each contestant had to safeguard their bag of thermocols. While Jessie failed as Sanchalak, Shannu won the captaincy task. 

In the first round of the task, Sreeram and Sunny fought with each other, and Jessie made Sunny leave the game. At that time, Sreeram Chandra said to Sunny that he played the game to make Maanas captain of the house. Later, he passed a statement saying Sunny has no individuality. 

It is worth mentioning here that whenever Sunny gets aggressive, Sreeram Chandra intentionally provokes Sunny with his words that makes him lose the task. Bigg Boss viewers now say that they did not expect such rude behaviour from Sreerama Chandra. They have further called Sreerama Chandra the most provoking person in the house. 

Will Nagarjuna warn Sreerama Chandra of his bad behaviour will be known in the weekend episode. Stay tuned.

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