Spoilers Prema Entha Maduram Today's Episode June 8: Meera Leaves Arya's House?

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As a part of their operation to separate Anu and Arya, Raghupati decides to keep an eye on Anu even at night. Then he observes that Ramya, Sampath and Anu are discussing about their love.

Raghupati who hears their conversation, advises Anu to speak to Padma. While Ramya and Sampath warn against paying heed to Raghupati, Anu considers it as a solution to her problem.

Jhende reminds Arya that the court hearing of Jalandhar’s case is coming up the next day. Meanwhile, Meera decides to leave Arya’s house but Mansi attempts to stop her. When Meera walks out of the house, Mansi calls all the family members and stops her.

After returning home, Anu finds her father sleeping and she thinks of Arya. She wishes to hear Arya’s voice and tries calling him. She gets disappointed as his phone is switched off. Will Arya call back Anu is to be watched in the episode.

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