Spoiler Alert Prema Entha Maduram Today's Episode June 4: Jhende Assures Sharada Devi

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Raghupati comes in the way of Arya and Anu's and tells them that he wanted to serve God which is why he came to the temple. He later tells Arya that he wanted to serve Arya. Upon Anu's advice, Raghupati cleans Arya's shoes to hide them from Subbu.

Meanwhile, Sharada calls Jhende and informs him about Anu and Arya's marriage. She explains to him that she wants to meet Subbu about their wedding. Jhende tells Sharada Devi that any parent would blindly approve of Arya as their son-in-law but she is doubtful as Arya is older to Anu. Jhende assures her that Subbu would accept their love.

Meanwhile, Arya forces Anu to tell Subbu about their love. But Anu gets tensed. So Arya asks her to convey the matter thinking of him as her father. How will Anu try to speak to her father about Aryavardhan is to be watched in the episode. 

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