Spoiler Alert Prema Entha Madhuram Today's Episode June 3: Raghupati Helps Anu, Arya

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Anu is surprised on seeing Arya at the temple. As they sit for a moment and chat, Subbu arrives at the same time to pray and sits on the opposite side.

Raghupati asks Rajini to lie to Neeraj and Mansi and send them away. Rajini tells Mansi and Neeraj that they have come to the wrong address, but Ramya arrives and reveals the truth. Ramya and Sampath insist that Mansi and Neeraj wait at their house until Anu’s family comes back home.

Anu is surprised as Arya insists on waiting longer at the temple as he does not believe in God. Arya tells Anu that he is fortunate that she cares for him so much.

Raghupati makes sure Subbu doesn't see Arya and Anu. He panics as Anu-Arya and Subbu get up at the same time to leave. Raghupati devises a plan to stop Subbu, Arya and Anu from coming face-to-face while leaving the temple. Arya questions Raghupati on his reason for visiting the temple. What reason will Raghupati give is to be watched in the episode. 

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