Spoiler Alert Prema Entha Madhuram Today's Episode June 15: Padma Suspects Anu

 - Sakshi Post

Sharada Devi tells Arya that Anu is being good to them. Arya tells her that he has become jealous on seeing Anu and his mother together.

Meanwhile, Neeraj informs Arya about Subbu’s accident. Mansi feels bad for Subbu and blames herself for the rash driving. Arya tries to calm Neeraj down and decides to visit Subbu the next day.

At night, Arya calls Anu to enquire about Subbu’s condition. Anu gets scared when Arya informs her that his entire family will be visiting Subbu in the morning and may also talk to him about their marriage.

Padma finds Anu talking on the phone and confronts her. She suspects Anu is in a relationship with someone and lying about talking to Arya.

Sharada Devi comes with the entire family to Subbu's house and tells them about Anu and Arya's relationship. How will Subbu react after learning about Anu-Arya's love is to be watched in the episode.

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