Spoiler Alert Prema Entha Madhuram Today’s Episode July 1: Will Arya Go Into A Coma?

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While Raghupati and Rajini wait for the news about Arya and Anu, they get shocked after learning that Arya was involved in an accident. Sampath informs Anu about the accident. Anu immediately opens the door and rushes to the hospital.

Padma tries to stop Anu, but she fails to succeed. Ramya and Sampath ask Padma to understand that Anu- Arya love each other so much.

While Arya is undergoing treatment, everyone in the family reaches the hospital and Jhende tries to reach out to a blood donor as Arya has Bombay blood group. Meanwhile, the doctor arrives and tells them that Arya is out of danger, but he warns them that he might go into coma if blood clots in his brain.

Anu enters the hospital to see Arya, but she is shocked after seeing Subbu. She asks Subbu to take her to Arya, but Subbu sees her wrist and calls out to a doctor for treatment. Anu receives treatment after losing a lot of blood.

Meanwhile, the reporter to whom Raghupati sent Anu-Arya proposal pictures sees Anu at the hospital. Will the reporter telecast Anu-Aryarelationship on TV is to be watched in the episode. 

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