Spoiler Alert Prema Entha Madhuram Today’s Episode August 09: Truth Behind Arya’s Danger

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When Anu is praying to God, Swamiji goes near Anu and tells her that their wedding will cause death to Arya. Fearful Anu denies his statement and tells him that their love will protect Arya’s life. Meanwhile, she watches Arya coming with Jhende.

While her parents are searching for her in the temple, Anu watches Arya and run towards her. Padma and Subbu also reach there and tells them to do some rituals for their well being. Anu, Arya goes to the tree and Padma gives her Turmeric and KumKum.

Anu, then suddenly comes into this world as Rajanandini leaves her body and ask what is happening. Padma, then realizes that she behaves differently as it is Ashtami. Later,  Anu and Arya tie a sacred bundle to the tree.

Meera feels happy as everything is going as per her plan. The astrologer informs Meera that he changed Anu’s birth time in her horoscope which creates problems in her marital life. Meera then tears Anu’s real horoscope paper. Later, she vows to stop the wedding and never let Anu step into Arya’s house. Will Meera’s plan succeed is to be watched in the upcoming episodes.

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