Spoiler Alert Prema Entha Madhuram Today’s Episode August 03: Jhende Gets to Know Ghuna’s Plan

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Subbu worries about arranging finances for Anu’s wedding and sets out to sell sarees. Raghupati taunts Subbu about being fortunate to have a billionaire as his son-in-law. Angry Padma comes out to scold Raghupati and asks him not to intervene in their family matter.

Meanwhile, Ghuna aka Ashwin installs automatic cameras to execute their plan scripted by Jalandhar. When Mansi questions them about taking pictures of Anu and Arya, Ghuna explains the camera system.

Later, Mansi orders Meera to call Anu if she is ready. Jhende then advises Meera to address Anu as ‘ma’am’ as she is now Arya’s wife. Meera understands the situation and seeks his suggestion.

Anu and Arya enjoy a romantic candle-light dinner. An elated Anu savours her favourite dishes. While Ghuna is confused as to why his plan is not working, Jhende and Neeraj scold them for not getting the lighting right.

Upset about their plot being foiled, Ashwin and Janardhan come up with another idea to kill Arya. Will their plan succeed is to be watched in the next episode. 

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