Spoiler Alert Prema Entha Madhuram Today Episode June 2: Raghupati Follows Subbu

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Ramya and Sampath figure out that Rajini and Raghupati have learnt about Arya proposal to Anu and are planning to spoil their marriage. They decide to come up with a counter plan.

Anu prays at the temple for the courage to tell Subbu about her love. The priest blesses Anu to have children soon. Anu is pleasantly surprised to see Arya next to her. Anu explains to Arya that she has no courage to reveal their love to Subbu.

When Raghupati tries to contact Rajini with a walkie-talkie, she gets scared thinking there’s a bomb in the house, but later figures out that it’s the sound of the walkie-talkie that Raghupati arranged for. She starts irritating Raghupati in their code language. Raghupati trips and falls while following Subbu to the shop.

Meanwhile, Mansi asks Neeraj to stop at the sweet shop so they can carry some to Anu's family. Mansi asks Raghupati the address of Anu’s colony. After giving her the address, Raghupati recognises her and suspects that she has come to talk about Anu and Arya’s wedding. Will Raghupati stop them from going to their Anu's house is to be watched in the episode.

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