Spoiler Alert Prema Entha Madhuram Today’s Episode June 19: Anu's Horoscope Missing 

 - Sakshi Post

Anu asks her mother for the lunch box. Then Paddu tells Anu that she did not prepare lunch. While Subbu tries to ask her why, Padma tells Anu to eat outside as she did the day before yesterday. While this argument is going on, Arya calls Anu.

Anu gets tensed and goes outside to talk with him. Padma follows her to listen to what Anu is speaking. Arya asks Anu to bring her horoscope papers as Sharada Devi asked for them. Anu agrees with him and carries those papers.

The doubtful Padma checks the almirah and finds the horoscope papers missing and decides to learn about the person. She then asks Ramya and Sampath if Anu loves anyone. When they deny the fact, Raghupati asks them to tell the truth. While they cook up a story, Raghupati clarifies that Anu is in love with a person working in Arya’s office.

Meanwhile, Arya observes that Meera is happy and has got back to work like earlier. He praises her for being normal. Meera sees Anu coming to the office and congratulates her. She advises Anu to be careful while taking care of Arya's responsibilities. Anu’s answer shocks Meera. What did Anu tell Meera is to be watched in the episode. 

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