Spoiler Alert Karthika Deepam Today's Episode March 24: Will Deepa Return Home?

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In the last episode of Karthika Deepam, Muralikrishna finds Deepa and gets emotional. Mounitha also finds Deepa's whereabouts but gets disappointed on seeing Muralikrishna before she reaches there. Later, Deepa takes a promise from Muralikrishna not to tell Soundarya about him finding her address.

Today's spoiler alert of Karthika Deepam episode: Muralikrishna requests Deepa to come back but Deepa refuses his request. While, Muralikrishna gets a call from Soundarya, Deepa forces Muralikrishna to lie to Soundarya about her address. Muralikrishna decides to stay with Deepa until Karthik realises his mistake and calls Deepa back. Later, Soundarya gets upset with Bhagyalakshmi's questions.

Will Karthik undergo a test and Realise his mistake?

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