Spoiler Alert Karthika Deepam Today's Episode April 3: Hima and Sourya Get Emotional

 - Sakshi Post

Karthika Deepam Today's Spoiler Alert: Deepa and children get emotional thinking that Karthik went back home after abandoning them. Anand Rao has an outburst over Soundarya and Shravani for their statement on the situation. Later, Muralikrishna and the Children spot Karthik working at the tiffin centre. Mounitha is taken aback when she sees Karthik working at Deepa's tiffin centre. After a while, Karthik and Deepa get into an argument over their children. And he blames Deepa for their situation.

In yesterday's episode, Deepa wakes up from a bad dream in which she sees Hima and Sourya leaving with Karthik, who refuses to take Deepa back home. The next morning, Hima and Sourya worry over Karthik's sudden disappearance.

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