Spoiler Alert Karthika Deepam Today's Episode 13 May: The Truth is Out

 - Sakshi Post

In today's episode of Karthika Deepam, Shravya and Aditya worry about children. Later, Aditya takes Sourya and Hima to Deepa, while Karthik instructs them to stay with Deepa and look after her. Karthik lashes out at Deepa when she refuses to heed his words. Muralikrishna is perplexed when Bhagyalakshmi gives him a reality check saying Deepa's behaviour towards Karthik is wrong. Meanwhile, Karthik reveals the truth to Deepa about her health condition.

In yesterday's episode, Muralikrishna slams Karthik and questions him about hurting Deepa unnecessarily. Karthik gets furious when Muralikrishna insults Mounitha. Muralikrishna warns Mounitha to stay within her limits and not interfere in Karthik and Deepa's relationship issues. Karthik and Mounitha find Deepa. Meanwhile, Deepa fires Mounitha and asks her to leave the place.

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