Spoiler Alert Janki Kalaganaledu Today's Episode May 31: Janaki Earns Praises 

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Janaki is tensed as Jnanamba asked for a baby in a year. Meanwhile, Rama thanks her for saving Mallika and he tells her that she is the perfect partner for him. Seeing Jaanu tensed, he tells Janaki that he will be sleeping on the floor and not on the bed.

Jaanu feels happy as her husband understands her. While she tends to sleep, a lizard falls on the bed and Jaanu fears seeing it. Later, she also sleeps beside Rama.

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The next morning, Jaanu wakes up early and performs puja to the Tulasi plant. Jnanamba and her husband watch it and say that Janaki has brought in a new change in their family. Mallika feels annoyed when her family praises Janaki.

Meanwhile, Akhil comes and asks Janaki to do a favour for him. Jaanu says that she can't help him, but Akhil pleads with her to tell Jnanamba about his passion for guitar. Will Janaki agree to talk to Jnanamba is to be watched in the episode. 

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