Spoiler Alert JanakiKalaganaledu Today’s Episode June 28: Jnanamba Lashes Out At Rama

 - Sakshi Post

Rama and Janaki plan a surprise and decorate the house with balloons. Meanwhile, Rama sees his father eating Laddus and catches him. While he asks Rama about what are they planning for, Rama asks him to wait for the suspense to be unveiled. Then Govindaraju tells Rama that he also will help them.

After some time, they knock on Jnanamba’s door and get her out of the room. When Jnanamba comes out and finds nobody, family members switch on the lights and surprise her by screaming 'Happy Birthday'.

But Jnanamba gets angry at the surprise and questions who planned it. Govindaraju tells her that only Rama has so much love for her to do such things. She scolds Rama for showing so much interest in her. She shouts at him that even after marriage, he is caring so much for her and neglecting Janaki.

While Janaki denies the fact, Jnanamba tells her to keep calm as she knows how Jaanu feels about it. She lashes out at Rama and tells her family members to leave the place. Rama gets disappointed at making Jnanamba crying on her birthday. Will Jnanamba feel sad about shouting at her son is to be watched in the episode. 

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