Spoiler Alert Janaki Kalganaledu Today’s Episode September 27: Jaanu Ready For Baby

 - Sakshi Post

After Janaki and Rama eat the tamarind, they gather some of them for Jnanamba and Govindaraju and comes home. When they come home, Jnanamba watches Jaanu holding tamarind and imagines that she is about to share some good news.

Observing her excitement, Jaanu explains that they brought the tamarind for Jnanamba as she likes them. Jnanamba gets disappointed as she cannot have grandchildren. Then, Janaki decides to have babies and get ready to impress Rama Chandra.

Rama Chandra sees Janaki and tells her that she is looking gorgeous. Then Jaanu says that she wants to have a baby as Jnanamba is excited to play with her grandchildren. However, Rama convinces Janaki saying that she has to first concentrate on studying IPS.

Rama Chandra further tells her that they are not going to have babies until she completes her education. Will Janaki agrees with her husband about not getting pregnant and continue cheating Jnanamba is to be watched in the next episode.

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