Spoiler Alert Janaki Kalganaledu Today’s Episode August 03: Will Jnanamba Punish Rama?

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Janaki cleans the place in front of the house and looks for Rama to get help in drawing Rangoli. Meanwhile, a lady covering her face comes to Jaanu and tells her that she came to teach her Rangoli. Jaanu gets a hunch that the lady is Rama in disguise.

Later, Rama Chandra asks how Janaki recognised him even after him wearing a saree. Janaki replies saying that a girl can identify her husband no matter where he is or what form he is. Rama is impressed by her words and teaches her Rangoli.

Meanwhile, Jnanamba and her husband decide to go walking and get out of the house. They observe Jaanu drawing Rangoli. Later, Govindaraju finds another person with Janaki and questions who she is. Rama escapes from them saying he is from the neighbourhood.

Mallika goes to Jnanamba and tells her that she has completed grinding wheat powder. Vishnu feels sad as Mallika took credit for his work. Jnanamba then asks Mallika to grind Green gram in front of her. How will Mallika react after learning about Jnanamba’s decision is to be watched in the episode.

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