Spoiler Alert Janaki Kalaganaledu Today’s Episode September 13: Jaanu Asks Rama For IPS Fee

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Mallika feels sad as Jnanamba did not hand over the responsibility. Janaki studies and thinks of Rama Chandra. Meanwhile, Rama comes and ask his wife whether she is okay with his behaviour. Jaanu tells him that she understands him and is aware of his pain in not taking responsibility of the house.

Janaki later thinks of something and Rama asks what is it all about. Jaanu then replies that she has to pay the fee for IPS coaching. She informs him that it will cost a bomb for him. Rama then says that he spend every penny by taking permission from his mother but tells her that he would manage Jnanamba.

Meanwhile, Janaki feels embarrassed and decides to sell her mother bangles to pay the fees. The next morning, Vyjayanthi calls Jnanamba and asks her if she has Rs 5 lakhs. Jnanamba and her husband visits Vyjayanthi’s house and gives her the money.

Govindaraju observes some pictures on their table and asks Vyjayanthi’s daughter about them. She replies that those are graduation day pictures. While Givindaraju was about to watch Janaki’s convocation picture, Jnanamba asks him to come.

She later invites Vyjayanthi to attend Ganesh Chaturthi Puja at their home. On the day of Vinayaka chavithi, Mallika gets frustrated as Jnanamba makes her do the house chores. Will she makes any plan to escape from the works is to be watched in the next episode.

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