Spoiler Alert Janaki Kalaganaledu Today's Episode November 05: Jaanu To Meet Myravathi

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Janaki Kalaganaledu: After Shravani leaves their house, Janaki apologises to Jnanamba for her behaviour. Later, Rama leaves to the sweet shop. Later, Janaki goes to the shop and asks why Rama is so moody. Rama replies that he is guilty of spoiling her life unnecessarily. However, Janaki consoles him and makes him feel comfortable with her. 

Later, Jnanamba calls Govindaraju to the farm and explains to him about her problem with Janaki. Govindaraju then suggests Jnanamba to seek Myravathi's help. Myravathi is Jnanamba's mother-in-law. 

Jnanamba calls Myravathi and explains the situation. Myravathi suggests Jnanamba to bring Rama and Janaki for Diwali to her house. Mallika overhears this matter and decides to put Janaki in trouble. 

Mallika meets Janaki and informs her that they will be going to Myravathi's home and explains about Myravathi's nature. Janaki gets tensed after listening to Mallika's words. How will Jaanu handle this challenge is to be watched in the coming episodes. 

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