Spoiler Alert Janaki Kalaganaledu Today's Episode May 26: Yogi Apologises to Jaanu

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Janaki reaches Yogi's house and vents put her frustration over education. She asks Yogi how he could be so cruel to her. Jaanu breaks down saying she can't even study further. Urmila tries to console Janaki.

Mallika goes to the sweet shop and asks Rama to come out and pleads with him to help her. She tells that only Rama can solve the problem that she is facing as Jnanamba is angry with her.

Rama tells that he can't do anything as Jnanamba is very strict on these rules. Mallika threatens to commit suicide if Jnanamba doesn't forgive her. Meanwhile, Jnanamba phones Rama and asks him to bring Janaki back to their house.

Sunanda Devi calls one of her son's friend and asks what happened to Kanna Babu. He tells that Janaki slapped Kanna Babu at Vyjayanthi's function. Sunanda beats her son's friend for hiding the truth.

Yogi apologises to Janaki for betraying her. He asks not to tell her in-laws about her studies. At that time Rama enters their house and calls out to Yogi with a serious face. Will Rama get to know about Jaanu's education at least now is to be watched in the episode. 

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