Spoiler Alert Janaki Kalaganaledu Today's Episode June 30: Rama, Janaki's Romance

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While everyone in the house goes to the temple, Rama prefers to bathe outside in the verandah area. Janaki comes there and asks him to have his bath in the bathroom. 

Meanwhile, the soap Rama is using falls near Jaanu's legs. When she tries to give the soap to Rama she slips and even after Rama holds her, Jaanu falls into a tub filled with water.

After having bath, Rama observes that his wife is having trouble drying her hair, and he offers to help her. Jaanu feels pampered over her husband's service. 

Meanwhile, Jnanamba decides to perform a ritual to God. She tells her family members that she will apply turmeric and Kumkum to all the steps till she reaches the main temple.

When Jnanamba continues to do her ritual in the temple family members get exhausted climbing the steps. They ask Jnanamba if she needs any help. Will Jnanamba take their help is to be watched in the episode.

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