Spoiler Alert Janaki Kalaganaledu Today's Episode June 2: Will Jaanu Rescue Shravani?

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Janaki asks Rama Chandra how her tea was. At first, Rama tells her that it was good but later agrees on the poor cooking skills of Jaanu. She thanks her husband for saving her from Jnanamba. Rama then assures her that he will teach her how to make tea.

Sunanda Devi asks Shravani to call Janaki to the garden. Shravani then phones Jaanu and pleads with her to save. Janaki promises to come to the garden after informing Jnanamba. Later, Sunanda asks Shravani to leave. Then, she asks about her parents and then leaves the place on her assurance.

Meanwhile, Jnanamba goes to Sunanda Devi's house. After she finds out that Sunanda went out she calls and asks her to come home early as Jnanamba wants to talk to her. Sunanda decides to back off after receiving a phone call from Jnanamba. Later, Kanna Babu gets furious when Jnanamba makes an unexpected request. Will Kannababu agree to back off from there is to be watched in the episode.

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