Spoiler Alert Janaki Kalaganaledu Today's Episode June 16: Mallika Destroys Janaki's Dish

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Rama Chandra helps Janaki wash clothes and dry them. Meantime, Chikitha arrives and teases them. Rama feels embarrassed and returns to the sweet shop. Chikitha then tells Janaki that Jnanamba has assigned her a task. When Jaanu asks about the details, Chikitha says that she has to cook from today. Jaanu is tensed on learning about cooking.

Later, Chikitha helps her in cooking by cutting vegetables. Jaanu tells that she does not know cooking. Chikitha scares Janaki by telling her that Jnanamba cannot tolerate bad cooking and will not spare her.

Janaki comes up with the idea of watching youtube to cook. She uses YouTube and prepares the dish perfectly. Meanwhile, Mallika comes and finds the dish delicious. She decides to spoil the curry and executes her evil plan.

Later, Janaki packs the curry and rice and sends it to Rama. Rama eats the lunch and feels pity on Janaki's situation. He decides to help her before Jnanamba reaches home. Will he succeed in helping Janaki is to be watched in the episode

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