Spoiler Alert Janaki Kalaganaledu Today's Episode June 1: Will Rama Save Janaki?

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Jnanamba asks Janaki to make tea for them as Mallika's tea tastes bad. Jaanu nods and goes into the kitchen. She feels tense as she doesn't know how to make it. Jaanu then calls Ramya to ask the recipe but Sunanda Devi warns him not lift her call.

Meanwhile, Chikitha comes into the kitchen to give milk and then she sees Janaki tensed. Chikitha tells that she knows the reason for her nervousness. She, then shows where sugar and tea powder are placed in the kitchen.

Sunanda Devi, her son and Ramya reach their farm. While Ramya is asked to call Janaki, she refuses to do it. Sunanda Devi slaps her for disobeying her orders.

Janaki puts tea by emptying the jars. After drinking everyone loses their mind. Mallika feels excited as Jnanamba will definitely scold her after tasting it. But Rama saves her by faking a stomach ache to save Janaki from trouble. But Mallika forces Jnanamba to drink tea. Will Jnanamba know about Jaanu's poor cooking skills is to be watched in the episode.

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