Spoiler Alert Janaki Kalaganaledu Today’s Episode July 6: Rama Missing After Discovering Jaanu's Qualification

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When Rama asks Janaki to fulfil his mother’s wish by giving her grandchildren, Janaki is perplexed and leaves the room. She goes into another room and feels sad. Jaanu holds her parents' photo and cries as she cannot study IPS anymore. She gets emotional that IPS is their dream but due to the situation she can’t pursue her studies anymore.

Meanwhile, Rama comes to Janaki and asks what happened to her. He inquires about the issue that is disturbing her. Jaanu then tells Rama that her brother lied about her education and says that she completed her degree. She apologizes to Rama for hiding the truth.

Rama Chandra is shocked when Janaki reveals the truth. He later sees her parents' photo and asks who they are. Jaanu tells him that they are her parents, he realizes that Janaki is meant to study IPS. He leaves the room and goes away.

The next morning, Jnanamba returns from the temple and looks for Janaki and Rama. She questions Jaanu about Rama’s sudden disappearance. Where did Rama Chandra go is to be watched in the episode.

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