Spoiler Alert Janaki Kalaganaledu Today’s Episode July 30: Will Mallika's Friend Tell Her About Jaanu's Results?

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After coming into the room, Rama surprises Janaki by giving her a study table and a lamp. He asks her to study and goes back to sleep. Janaki falls asleep while studying.

The next morning, while cleaning the house, Mallika's friend arrives and tells her that she is going out of town which is why she came early in the morning. Mallika asks her to wait behind the house. She later hands her the newspaper to read.

Meanwhile, Jnanamba observes that Mallika did not put Rangoli in front of the house. She gets furious at her as she is so irresponsible in doing her work. When she is drawing the Rangoli, Vishnu comes and asks her why she is doing that. She replies that Mallika went out without completing her work.

When Mallika meets her friend, she tries hard to read the matter. Later, after lot of struggle, she reads alphabets in the headline. Mallika gets angry and tries to beat her. However, she escapes from Mallika. After failing in her attempts, Mallika goes to put Rangoli, but shcoked to see Jnanamba. What punishment will Jnanamba give Mallika is to be watched in the next episode. 

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