Spoiler Alert Janaki Kalaganaledu Today’s Episode July 26: Mallika Eavesdrops on Jaanu-Rama Private Talk 

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When Janaki is talking to Urmila, Jnanamba enters her room and listens to the conversation. She later asks Janaki what she was talking to Urmila. Then, Jaanu says that she will work hard and impress Jnanamba by being a good daughter-in-law. Jnanamba explains that she has already proven to be a capable person with her thoughts.

Later, Jnanamba and Jaanu visit Rangaiah’s tailor shop.  Rangaiah comes out and she introduces Janaki and asks her to give him the money. Rangaiah thanks her for not forgetting him even he stopped working at their sweet shop. When he asks why did she give money, Jnanamba says that is for his daughter’s higher studies.

When Jnanamba is leaving their house, Leelavati gets a doubt as to why she gave so much money to a girl’s education and why she did not marry his son to an educated girl. Jnanamba then tells that she wanted a girl who studied less than Rama but she is not opposed to women's education.

After coming home, Rama tries to call Janaki into their room and make sure that no one sees them. But, Mallika, who watches them observes them and listens to their conversation in the room. Rama asks Jaanu to write down the list of books she wants to prepare for IPS. Will Mallika tell Jnanamba about Jaanu’s education is to be watched in the episode. 

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