Spoiler Alert Janaki Kalaganaledu Today’s Episode July 21: Rama Supports Jaanu IPS Dream

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While Janaki is taking the suitcase, Jnanamba stops her and asks where she is going. She tells her that Rama wanted to bring the bag.

When Jaanu goes to the shop, Rama tells her to wait inside. Later, Rama goes inside the room and opens the bag which has his childhood memories. He shows Jaanu a medal and tells her that he is very good at his studies. Then, he picks out a police dress and a photo of Rama wearing the police dress. He explains to his wife that his aim was to become police which he could not succeed due to family problems.

Rama then takes a firm call and tells Janaki that he will support her in achieving her dream of becoming an IPS officer. Jaanu gets emotional after listening to those words. Meanwhile, Jnanamba comes and asks Rama to look after the shop.

She then tells Janaki about Rama Chandra’s sacrifice at an early stage. She feels sad while sharing about the past of Rama. She then tells that she knew Rama’s pain of not studying. She advises Jaanu to make Rama forget about his pain. What advice did Jnanamba give Janaki is to be watched in this episode.

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