Spoiler Alert Janaki Kalaganaledu Today’s Episode July 16: Jnanamba Serious On Jaanu's Behaviour 

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Janaki scolds Rama’s friends asking them to leave the place, but they tell her that they will not go till they put colour on Rama. An angry Jaanu throws colours on their faces and orders them to leave saying that he is her husband and only she has the right to play with him.

Later, Rama tries to catch Jaanu and throw colours at her but stops on seeing his father in a melancholic state. Janaki asks him what is the reason for his dullness. He expressed his wish to throw colours at Jnanamba. So Janaki comes up with a clever plan to help Govindaraju.

Jnanamba is told that Janaki is missing to get her come out of her room. Then, Janaki slowly rubs colours on Jnanamba, who gets serious on Jaanu. She reaches the spot where Colors are kept and asks Jaanu to clean Colors off her face immediately. When Janaki goes there, Jnanamba also throws some colours on her and celebrates the festival. Govindaraju also rubs colours on his wife and feels elated.

Later, all the family members go to the temple. While Akhil, Vennela and Chikitha go by car, rest of the couples in the house enjoy the ride on the motorcycle. What will Janaki ask for in the temple is to be watched in the next episode.

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