Spoiler Alert Janaki Kalaganaledu Today’s Episode July 13: Akhil Steals Money From Rama’s Room

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After Rama and Janaki fall, Jnanamba shouts at Mallika for her act. Meanwhile, Rama and Janaki support Mallika saying that she would not have done it intentionally. When Mallika tells that is the truth, Jnanamba orders her to clean the mess and asks Janaki, Rama to have bath.

Rama Chandra and his wife have some light hearted conversation after having bath. Later, Rama leaves for the sweet shop.

In the night, Govindaraju fakes leg pain and asks Jnanamba to massage him with some oil. While his wife starts the massage, Rama comes and asks what happened to him. Jnanamba then says that it was all just an act to make Jnanamba do some service for him.

Then Rama handovers the collection from the sweet shop to his mother. She asks him to keep the money till morning. Meanwhile, Akhil comes and asks for money to pay some fee. Jnanamba stops Rama and tells Akhil that Rama will go to the college and pay the fee.

Later, Akhil sneaks into Rama’s room while they are having dinner and steals the money he wanted. Meanwhile, Janaki observes that someone has gone into their room. Will Janaki find out about Akhil’s robbery is to be watched in the episode. 

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