Spoiler Alert Janaki Kalaganaledu Today’s Episode July 12: Jaanu Falls Into Mallika's Trap For Jnanamba 

 - Sakshi Post

Janaki gets emotional after Jnanamba hangs her parents’ picture on the wall. Jnanamba then calls Mallika and says that her daughters-in-law are no less than her daughter Vennela. When Jaanu feels happy on seeing the picture, Jnanamba tells her that she cannot bring her parents back but can assure her that she will not miss her parents anymore.

Seeing Jaanu and Jnanamba in a happy state, Mallika gets annoyed and comes up with an evil plan. She tells her husband that she will pour oil on the floor to make Jnanamba fall. Mallika drags her husband into implementing her plan even though he warns her against it.

After pouring oil, they wait for Jnanamba to come out, but Govindaraju comes near the spot. While Mallika and Vishnu get tensed, he goes away remembering something. Later, Jnanamba comes out and stops as she gets a phone call.

While Mallika feels sad that her plan did not work out, Janaki comes in search of Rama and slips down after stepping on the oil. Rama comes to save her and even he falls. Family members gather and ask Rama and Janaki if they are okay. Chikitha hints to Jnanamba that the incident resembles a movie scene leaving Jnanamba in doubt. Will Jnanamba find the culprit behind this evil plan is to be watched in the next episode. 

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