Spoiler Alert Janaki Kalaganaledu Today’s Episode July 09: Rama Reveals The Truth About Jaanu to Jnanamba

 - Sakshi Post

While Janaki is about to tell the truth about her education to Jnanamba, Rama stops her and says that he would reveal tehe truth. He tells Jnanamba that they did not spend the night together. Jnanamba, who is shocked on hearing this, gets emotional.

Jnanamba asks Rama and Janaki the reason for not enjoying their night. Rama says that there is a reason and shows her the photo of Jaanu’s parents. Everyone in the family is shocked and waits for Rama’s explanation. He tells them that Janaki had been crying remembering her parents, which is why they could not enjoy last night.

While Janaki tries to reveal the actual reason, Jnanamba asks Rama to take her to inside. After getting into their room, Jaanu tells Rama Chandra that she will tell her mother-in-law about her educational qualification. Rama stops her and asks her to think about the consequences that she has to face after telling the truth.

So, Janaki decides not to reveal the truth to Jnanamba. Meanwhile, Jnanamba hangs the picture of Jaanu’s parents to the wall which makes Mallika feel jealous. Will Mallika plan something against Janaki and Rama is to be watched in the episode.

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