Spoiler Alert Janaki Kalaganaledu Today’s Episode July 08: Jnanamba to See Another Side of Jaanu

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Govindaraju calls Janaki and gives her a piece of advice to take care of Rama. He explains how Jnanamba suffered and performed the ritual at the temple. After listening to that, Janaki feels guilty and decides to tell Jnanamba the truth.

Janaki musters up the courage to reveal the truth to Jnanamba. However, she waits for Jnanamba to complete her puja. Later, Jnanamba calls everyone in the family and gives prasadam. She asks Jaanu to give her some coffee as she is suffering from headache.

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Meanwhile, Mallika goes to clean the room in which Janaki and Rama Chandra slept last night. She observes that something is amiss and gathers that perhaps there is no physical intimacy between Rama and Janaki  She comes up with a plan to tell Jnanamba about this.

Jaanu goes to Jnanamba and her husband to tell them the truth about her education. Mallika, who comes there to tell about Rama and Jaanu stops and lets Janaki speak first. Meanwhile, Rama comes home and stops Janaki saying he will tell the truth. Will Rama tell his mother about Janaki’s education is to be watched in the next episode.

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